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The mission statement of the college is clearly stated in the college Prospectus which is available to all the students, teachers, staff and other stakeholders of the college. The Principal addresses the college freshers for a general orientation where the vision and mission of the college is conveyed. The college teachers in their class rooms also communicate to the students the vision and mission of the college. The various stakeholders of the college are the Governing Body, the University of Calcutta, the University Grants Commission, the Government of West Bengal and other external institutions who have a close relation with the college. They are regularly informed and consulted about the goals and objectives of the college through Prospectus, Governing Body Meeting, and various reports to the concerned bodies (such as Annual Report, Audited Financial Accounts, Academic Council Report, Teachers' Council Report, Utilisation Report of UGC sanctioned funds, and so on).
The college has its own website(www.nbmahavidyalaya.in) which is periodically updated. All the necessary informations relating to seminars, workshops, cultural programmes etc. are posted on the website to keep the students, staff, faculty and other stakeholders regularly updated.
The parents/guardians are one of the valuable stakeholders of the college. To develop a sense of belonging towards the college, parent-teacher meets are held regularly at the college premises.