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Rules And Regulation

  • The Association” means the Alumni Association of NABA BALLYGUNGE MAHAVIDYALAYA
  • The “General Body” means the General Body of the Association.
  • The “Governing Body” means the Executive Committee of the Association.
  • Alumnus means an ex-student of the College, who has obtained a degree/diploma from NABA BALLYGUNGE MAHAVIDYALAYA, Kolkata under University of Calcutta.
  • An “honorary member” means any person other than an Alumnus, who has been elected by the General Body of the Association.
  • The financial year of the Association shall be reckoned every year from 1st April to 31st March of the following year.
  • The Association may have Patrons as approved by the Governing Body, provided that a patron shall be an out-standing professional. Such appointment being for a period of one year.
  • The Principal of NABA BALLYGUNGE MAHAVIDYALAYA shall be an ex-officio Patron of the Alumni Association.
  • Any student who successfully obtains any degree/diploma from the College automatically becomes a Life member of the Association from the date of issue of the Result Notification granting the said degree/diploma on payment of the appropriate membership fees as described in Clause (C).
  • Any ex-student, members of the staff or ex-member of the staff of the Institute who does not fulfill the above condition as in (A) but who, on the recommendation of the Governing Body, is admitted by the Association on payment of the appropriate membership fees as prescribed in Clause 3(C).
  • The membership fee in respect of all the members defined in Clause (A) and 3(B) would be decided by mutual discussions in AGM every year. The mode of collection of the membership fees would be decided from time to time in mutual discussions in AGM every year.
Honourary Member The Association, in the General Body on the recommendation of the Governing Body, may elect any person connected with the Institute or the Association, who is likely to promote the interests of the Association, as an Honorary Member for two years.
Membership Rights All members and honorary members are entitled to receive all announcements etc. (as and when the usage of the internet becomes widespread, posting of such announcements on the website shall amount to their being received by the members) connected with the activities of the Association, the Alumni Newsletter, Annual Magazine and also participate in all social functions and other activities of the Association. All members will also be beneficiaries of any schemes or assistance programmes administered by the Association.