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Library Rules And Regulation


A) Library card will have to be produced always at the time of entering into the library. Enter into the library will solely depend on the discretion of the librarian.

B) Unauthorised members are not allowed to enter into the library.

C) On entering the library, every library member/user will be required to write legibly his/her name in full and his/her department/address (for outside member), Card No., arrival & departure, etc. in the Walk-In-Register specially provided for the purpose and kept at the entrance.

D) Before getting books issued, any mutilation or marking should be pointed out immediately to the In-Charge of the circulation counter and his/her initials be obtained there, otherwise the member shall be responsible for mutilations and markings discovered afterwards

E) All members/users shall maintain perfect order of library system and keep silence in the library.

F) The cards are not transferable and Loan Card must be produced to borrow books. The Reading Card must be produced to use any library materials in the Reading Room and also produced for computer network searching.

G) No users are allowed to enter inside the Library working and service premises carrying with his/her personal belongings i.e. bags, Xeroxed documents, laptop, portfolios, satchels, attaché cases, umbrellas, flat files or file covers, personal book, folders, etc. All belongings shall be deposited in the prescribed counter.

H) It is not permitted to the library with personal books or already issued books.

I) Assembling in front of the Central Library of the College, loudly speaking and gossiping, using mobile, smoking inside the Library premises is strictly prohibited.

J) For loss of lent book/s, borrower should inform to Circulation Section timely for necessary suggestions as per College library rules to avoid the complexity on this issue

K) Books issued to the students must be returned within stipulated date. In default, an overdue charge Rs.1.00 will be levied for each day.

L) While borrowing a book, every borrower is expected to examine it carefully and the cases of mutilation, defacement or damage, if any, should be brought to the notice of the library staff at the lending counter.

M) The person to whom the book was last issued, will be responsible for any sorts of damage of the book.

N) Students are allowed to go near the closed almirah for the purpose of book selection. Computerized catalogue as well as Manual catalogue is also situated there for this purpose.

O) Please ensure the content of a document before borrowing it, as a borrowed book may not be taken back on that date.

P) Students are allowed to choose any documents for their reference work in the library.

Q) REFERENCE BOOKS and NOT TO BE LEND OUT books are not allowed to borrow or students are not allowed to leave the library with these books in any case.

R) Students are bound to replace the book in case of loss or damage.

S) In all cases of controversies the Library Constitution and Library Rules & Regulation is the final.

T) Library Cards are not transferable.

U) If a library card is lost, it must be reported in the library after General Diary to nearest police station. Duplicate library card may be issued which is chargeable.

V) Library Clearance is mandatory for every member of the Central library at the end of his/her study/service.


A) Computer Using Hours

a) Monday to Friday : 11.30am to 3.30pm (UG) & 4.30pm to 8.00pm

b) Saturday: 11.30am to 1.30pm

B) Students will use computer/internet only educational purpose(study, class project) under the supervision of departmental teachers and also permission of the Librarian.

C) Students will not be permitted for the following purposes

a) Playing games

b) Forwarding E-mail

c) Surfing any social network site like facebook

d) Surfing any obscene or obnoxious website

e) Installing, updating, downloading of any kinds of software

D) For any violation, disciplinary action may be taken by the Principal/College authority.

E) Students will surf internet not more than thirty (30) minutes at a time.

F) Students may have opportunity to download previous question papers, syllabus, study materials after taking permission of Library staff. Any other materials may be downloaded by only taking permission of the Principal or the Librarian.

G) Any personal file should not be stored in the computer after completion of work.

H) Food or drink must not be taken in the E-Zone area.