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a) Scheduled caste & Scheduled Tribe Scholarship/Stipend is granted by the Director of Scheduled caste & Scheduled Tribe Welfare from the Office of the Special Officer, SC & ST Welfare, New Treasury Building, Alipore, Kilkata-27. Prescribed application forms are available from the college office after admission.

b) Concessions in Tuition Fees in the form of Half-Free studentship are awarded to a limited number of students of the college who are in acute financial hardship. For this purpose, printed application forms are issued from the college office every year following the notification by the Principal.

However, proper documents in support of financial status are required to be submitted. Documents must be authenticated by the competent authority.

Poor and meritorious students, having regular attendance and good performance in the periodical and annual examination are provided with financial assistance from Students’ Welfare fund and Student Aid Fund of the teachers’ Council. There is a committee formed by the Governing Body, with students, non-teaching office staff and teaching staff as members to look into the process of selection and distribution of available fund.

To inspire the students of the college both in academic are and in other activities, a number of prizes are allotted every year from different sources. The following prizes are generally distributed among the students of the college:-

  1. The ‘Aruna Bsoe and Suddhir Kumar Bose Smriti Prize’ is awarded to the students getting highest total marks in B.A. Examination with Bengali Honours.
  2. The Non-teaching Staff Union arranges for giving awards to the students getting highest marks in both B.A. and B.Com. in each of Part-I , Part-II, Part-III Examinations.
  3. The “Gurupada Bagchi Memorial Prize” is awarded to the students securing highest marks in B.Com. Honors in Accounting & Finance in each Part-I , Part-II, Part-III Examinations.
  4. The “Prof. Gita Mukherjee Memorial Prize” is awarded to the students securing highest marks in Bengali Honours in each Part-I, Part-II and part-III Examinations.
  5. The “Prof. Arabinda Chakraborty Memorial Prize” is awarded to the students for securing highest marks in Marketing Honours in of Part-I , Part-II, Part-III Examinations.
  6. The students securing highest marks in English Honours, B.A. General and B.Com. General will also be awarded prized for Part-I, Part-II and Part-III Examinations.
  7. The NGO “BISWA” participate in the sociatal development programme by awarding scholarship to some poor students of the college @ Rs. 200 p.m. to empower them with real worth of life.

The experienced faculty members act as efficient counselors and are ever eager to guide the students in choosing their careers matching their aptitude, capability and goal. Assistance in placement , whenever needed, will also be various industrial organizations. In future the authorities fervently wish to emphasis career counseling and campussing. In addition to the internal career counseling the college authority extended the facilities for career development of the student community with the assistance of UGC in 11th Plan.

The college organizes seminars on various issues and arranges workshops on emerging issues with the financial assistance of UGC or otherwise as and when necessary. The teachers and students also participate in seminars and workshops organized by other institution. Through these the participants gain knowledge and get exposure to the outside world.

The college is affiliated to the “Students Health Home” established by the University of Calcutta with the main center at Moulali. Students can get medical facilities and specialized treatment in lieu of an annual subscription of Rs. 10/- (Rupes Ten Only) per head.

The college boasts of a large auditorium where many programmes are held annually.

The college canteen serves substantial and nutritious meals at reasonable prices. It is a favourite rendezvous of students and standards of hygiene are strictly maintained.

Separate common room have been provided for girls and boys students and there are provisions for indoor games and other co-curricular activities.

There is a cycle stand and car parking zone within the college/campus where the students keep their conveyances.

For the benefit of students, there is a photocopier or Xerox machine inside the college campus where reading materials can be photocopied at a low price.

As per the directives of the University there is a complaint box within the college premises, in front of the Principal’s chamber where the students can express their views and grievances, if any.

A grievance Redressal Cell has been set up in the college to deal with complaints relating to sexual harassment cases as per UGC guidelines vide the Circular No. C/7153 dated 08.02.2005 from the Inspector of the Colleges, University of Calcutta and any other grievance relating to academic or non-academic matters within the college.

An Alumni Association has been formed for better understanding and communication among past and present students of this college.

A committee comprising of teachers and non-teaching staffs looks into the problems of SC/ST/OBC/Minority students. In addition to the above a committee is formed to introduce Remedial Courses with the Assistance of UGC fund under 11th plan.

Aqua Guards have been installed in every floor for purifying drinking water supply with proper sanitation.

The college provides Book Bank facilities to those students who are economically poor. Usually, one set of three books are issued which the students may keep still the completion of the examination. To avail book bank facilities, students should apply to the Principal, giving details of family income etc, immediately after issuance of Notice in this regard. All books must be return within 3 days from the last University examination.

First aid and sick room facilities are provided to all students, teaching and non-teaching staff as and when required.

A copy of syllabus cum teaching schedule and class routine is given to the students at the beginning of each academic session.

An Academic Calendar is given to each student free of cost that immensely helps one to understand the structure and distribution of marks of the B.A./B.Com. Courses at the Part-1, Part-II, Part- III University Examination as per Calcutta University prescribed norms. The calendar also gives a clear picture of the class test and selection test schedules of each subject for both Honours and General courses throughout the current academic year, commencing form July and ending at June next.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has been sanctioning and approving a number of significant minor research projects to the teachers of the college since a long time. Apart from teaching, the college teachers have extensively engaged themselves in emerging projects and promising areas of research activities. The UGC has sanctioned a number of minor research projects in the 11th and 12th plan period.

The meetings of parents/guardians-teachers-students are regularly held for the purpose of interaction of views and resolution of grievances. These meeting are generally held after each examination/class test, at the time of progress of syllabus (normally in September) and at any time as and when necessary. Prior notices are issued by the department/principal inviting the guardians to attend the meetings on mandatory. A feedback in respect of academic progress of individual student is forwarded to the respective guardian. Constructive suggestions from the parent/guardians are welcome for development of the college.

As per directives / order of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, the Disciplinary and Anti-Ragging Committee/Cell has been formed the college. The college has given much importance to this cell/committee and the students particularly the fresher are always encouraged to report any case of their harassment to the members of this cell. It has been a matter of great pride of the college that no case of physical or mental harassment of the students has no far been reported to this call.

The students willing to avail of the concession in railway fares will have to apply to the Principal of the college for issuance of certificates of the same. As a result they will get the benefit of concession in railway fare for travelling between the college and residence. Impersonation or any mis-use of the concession form will be severally punished.

In order to expose the hidden talents of the students and encourage to have friendly relations among the students of different classes, the college regularly organizes inter-class cultural competition in the month of September. The successful students are given prizes accordingly for their performance in different areas.